About SMB

A visionary global board with strong credentials in Business, Technology, ECommerce, Digital, Emerging Technologies, Market Place, Payment Solutions and IT Infrastructure and an Integration with the larger Global Travel Eco-System

The mentor board is spearheaded by Ashish Kumar, who is also the Co-Chairman of FICCI Travel technology committee, and comprises of experts from both Indian and global travel industry, bringing together a wealth of knowledge experience and expertise. The board has affiliations in Europe, Africa and would gradually expand it’s reach to other global travel markets, where start-up require nurturing and fostering.

Post COVID, the world has flattened, and so has the travel eco–system worldwide. So we believe there is a "give back" that is required which mentors, guides and helps the travel technology driven start–ups and if required collaborate in the larger travel eco-system.

"The pandemic has flattened the world, more so the Travel & Tourism Industry. Obviously, with all of us there is a strong desire to "give" in terms of our knowledge and intellectual property (IP), which will help carry us across the line"
- Says Ashish

"With Internet and Digital driven business models, travel & tourism may breed its own brand of local entrepreneur, who have local contents, language, knowledge & operational skills to set up multiple regional enterprises, which then could integrate into one single distribution base, to foster demand from regional and inter regional source markets, rather than the other way around as it has been happening. And any way work from home should move to work from home town"
- Says Ashish

"Today's business challenge to "do more with less", is daunting and will only be achieved deploying technology. The board felt a calling to put its collective professional experience at the disposal of smart entrepreneurs; lending them a hand to develop great new market ready solutions."
- Says Patrick

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